Joy As A Spiritual Practice

Joy is a sign of a vibrant life, a thriving life. Joy is a propulsive force. It moves you forward softly and yet excited for the next step and yet allows you to see the beauty in the generous present moment.

Joy is a decision. An internal decision that is swayed not by external circumstances but by your internal thermostat.

Joy is your true nature….And

You get to have it.

Audrey Lorde, noted that “Joy is the energy for change.”

When we choose joy we create options, we get vision, we are inspired.

Joy allows you to see the divinity within yourself and others.

Joy is a powerful magnet that draws like minded people to you,

Joy creates a community,

Joy creates the world you want to live in

When you practice Joy you cultivate



It embeds in your DNA.

Joy boosts your immune system, fights stress and alleviates pain.

Joy primes your essence,

Joy brings balance to your energy field and allows your spirit to soar.

I invite you to:

Have fun! Make a date with yourself to do something fun! Do something you love. Make time for simple pleasures. Savor the small things, a warm fragrant bath, a cup of your favorite java or tea. Watch the sunset or sunrise. Enjoy music, dance and sing. Savor the arts. Hang out with friends and laugh.

Celebrate! Did you know that it has been shown in various studies that when we celebrate especially in community we smooth tensions and break down barriers.

Joy within the community is a unifying glue for the individual and the collective. Joy restores, unifies and propels.

Celebrate small!

Celebrate big!

Whatever you choose is fine but know that it will add a brilliant hue to your life…

And you’ll wonder “why didn’t I do this more often?”

You will immediately feel-unstuck, hopeful, out of overwhelm and into your SPIRIT driven life.

There is no substitute for the medicine of JOY.

Honor your intuition

You have an inherent sacred knowing within you. Have you heard, felt or sensed your intuition’s gentle nudges throughout your life? Have you heeded this knowing at times and at other key precious moments you have turned a deaf ear to it— and it cost you?

In order to heal your body, you must learn not only to hear your intuition but to HONOR it’s call. One way to easily and immediately access your intuition is by sitting in silence

When you sit in silence you have the opportunity to listen to your body with your inner ear. The sitting has you focus. The silence has you tune into your body and listen deeply for its wisdom. The way to honor your inner knowing is to trust it.

That trust is cultivated one minute at a time.

Beloved come sit in silence for 5 minutes daily. Allow your body to communicate with you. The language your body speaks- learn it. Your vessel’s communication is priceless: it will tell you exactly what to tend to.

Listen deeply to your body and honor your intuition.

Cultivate daily quiet time.

Develop unshakable trust in your “gut” feeling.

This trust may very well save your life.

Connection via Intentional Movement

Intention-driven movement is using the body to access SPIRIT. It is a holy act that will put you in touch with the gift of being alive in the perfect physical form that has been gifted to you.

The body when primed serves as a conduit for connection with divinity. It creates a path for your mind to relax. Through physical movement, the mind softens its grip on your being and allows that voice deep inside to lead the conversation.

When you allow SPIRIT to guide your life, your purpose for being on this earth becomes clearer and you’re just happier.

Practice moving your body daily. Start with 15 to 20 minutes of walking.

As you pick up your right leg, say,

“I am picking up my right leg.”

As you are planting your right foot on the ground, say,

“I am planting my right foot on the ground.”

As you pick up your left leg, say,

“I am picking up my left leg.”

As you are placing your left foot on the ground say,

I am placing my left foot on the ground.

Noticing and acknowledging each movement will strengthen your practice of awareness.

Greater awareness cultivates deeper listening.

You are swayed less by what goes on around you and,

Your inner environment becomes your guide.

Spiritual Growth Through Rest

Resting is a spiritual act.

When you rest, you surrender to the demands of the body and allow that which is unseen to arise in your consciousness.

It is one of the oldest and most effective spiritual growth tools used throughout time.

Listening to this part of your cycle is key

Far from being lazy or weak, experiencing rest is one of the highest forms of consciousness.

Bless yourself with 15 minutes a day to simply rest. Relate to that time as it is as important as the vows to your spouse or the birth of your child. By so doing, you empower yourself to connect deeply.

When you do not make time to rest, you will deplete.

Tiredness and fatigue become your best friends.

The simplest things will overwhelm you and will be forever questioning, “ Is this all there is?”

Don’t let yourself get to this point- schedule rest today.

Spiritual Connection Through Nature

Have you ever marveled at how magnificent nature is?

The colors of a sunset painting the sky,

The smell of salt in the ocean air,
The taste of a raindrop?

When you slow down and get that you are one with the earth,

one with the inherent wisdom of Mamma Patcha,

you will know that she is more than capable of holding you.

She will hold your biggest wounds,

your wildest insecurities,

your deepest hurts.

As you spend time in Nature,

you will tap into that which is So important to understand-

the knowledge that you are part of God’s creation

and IT is all one.

I invite you beloved to take a walk, sit on your front or back porch…look out your window. Notice what you did not notice before. Be curious.


What is the message in what you are noticing? Put your hands out to the tree, the flower, the bush and fall just shy of touching it.

Notice the sensations and energy that comes from it.
Notice where in your body you feel the connection, the gratitude for its presence. Stay in this energy until you feel that calmness within you has been reached.

Trust that you KNOW when you’ve reached it.

Give thanks and gratitude for

Your connection to the Divine

Through nature.